Thursday, March 21, 2013

Baiden's 5 Month Update!

you are correct.
This means Baiden is almost 6 months old.... ??? waaaaa!
THIS little guy, is the sweetest thing ever known to man! I kid you not!
(his hair looks red in these pics, but its blonde. Not red)
*Baiden is so smiley and happy!
*loves to laugh
He is so fat! I LOVE it!
Baiden has a cousin and a neighbor baby that are both 9 months old.. and Baiden is JUST as big as them! haha he is a tall fat baby boy!
*He was 16lbs fully clothed the last time we checked
*Wears 6-9 month clothes
*Size 2-3 diapers
*Says "mama" and "mom" all the time!
Prettiest baby boy ever. And im ok saying that!
*He eats 6oz every 4 hours!
*we introduced carrots, peas, green beans, squash, and bananas.. and so far, Baiden hates carrots, peas, green beans, squash, and bananas! Little stinker! ;)
*He LOVES to eat his hands!
 He is still a HUGE mama's boy! He will always search for me if someone else is holding him. He doesnt always cry for me, i just have to be in his view haha. If we are out and about, IM the one who has to hold him so he can sleep.. Daddy just doesnt cut it haha.
*He LOVES his big sister! Them interacting together is hands down the cutest thing ever.
*is GREAT with tummy time and rolling over
 Pulling his socks off is his new trick!
If he is in his bouncer or swing with any sort of recline in it.. he always tries to sit up! (but wont try to sit up on his own!) I tell you, he is the cutest little stinker ever.
*He LOVES being outside. Gets a perma-smile on his face! BRING ON SUMMA!
*LOVES his rainforest bouncer toy! His legs are so strong!
*LOVES bath time
*Baiden LOVES music!
we call him our little music man. If he is upset and hears music, he calms right down. If i sing to him, he gets the BIGGEST smile and tries to sing with me
*He loves to talk and makes the cutest faces
*He sleeps through the night 8pm-8 or 9am. Usually eats one bottle through out the night but goes right back to sleep.
*He naps well! Usually takes 2, 2 hour naps.
*He is SO sweet. His mannerisms, his sounds, his voice, his cry.. everything about him is SO sweet.

He is just the happiest little fat guy!
I cant believe he is almost 6 months old!
Where did my tiny newborn go??
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