Monday, March 11, 2013

Always Be My Rock....

Lets talk about my husband.

My hypothyroidism a huge part of my life. So i apologize if i talk about it a lot.
As you know, my thyroid is off right now. It was low, so they upped my dose, and it takes 6 weeks for your body to adjust to it. Well when my thyroid is off.... my life is off.
Thats really the best way to explain it. I just FEEL... off.

Im tired, im ornery, my insides hurt, the scale doesnt change, but i FEEL fatter or more bloated (not that i actually am... i just FEEL that way). Its hard to explain. I have less patients, im more moody, but as i mentioned... the best and PERFECT way to explain how i feel.. if OFF.

I just dont feel like me!
I hate it... and i know it will pass... its just hard to deal with.

So lets get to the husband part.
(as im already starting to tear up)

This MAN... is heaven sent. I swear he is the only man on this planet who could handle me.. 
and he handles me like a CHAMP!
He knows just the right things to say, he knows just the right things to do. He has so much patients with me, he is just amazing! I have days where im so snappy, im so short tempered....and what does he do?? He comes home with FLOWERS for me!! Im here like "what?! i was so mean to you today... i dont deserve this!" and he just smiles and says "get ready, we are going out on a hot date tonight"...
HEAVEN sent he is...

I seriously have the best husband ever! He reminds me every day of how beautiful i am..
He loves me for me, accepts my bad traits and habits, & doesnt try to change me. Lets me be me. We're a normal couple, we get in arguments, but we BUILD from them. Change for the better and respect each other's wishes and upsets. Jeff is #1 for taking things as constructive. He treats me like a princess. Attends to my emotional needs. Helps me with the house and kids. He doesnt expect "stereotypes". Our relationship is based on respect, love, and emotion. 
I dont always cook dinner, the house isnt always clean..and he NEVER gets mad.
He doesnt expect the "stay at home mom duties" from me. He doesnt make me feel like i'm an "object". Like im SUPPOSED to do these things. We are EQUAL.
He is understanding to my photography job and when swamped with editing. He is understanding to my second babysitting job. Even though i am home.. i am busy. He gets that! He is understanding to my thyroid and my lack of energy...

We are all adjusting right now.
Adjusting to my thyroid, adjusting to jeff's new job (i will blog about that, no worries), the kids are adjusting.. everything is adjusting right now... and Jeff is just my ROCK.

He is so understanding, so sweet, he is my everything!

People always tell Jeff that he is a lucky guy....
But the truth is... IM the lucky one!
i couldnt ask for a better man by my side :)

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