Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Workout Playlist! {Motivation Mondays}

Its Tuesday MORNING, im not THAT far past Monday... haha
(Im SOO busy with editing Valentines day shoots!!)

Anyway! This week for Motivation Mondays i wanted to do something a little different. Check the video for my check in and what im doing and how much ive lost this week!

So as mentioned in the video...
Music has a HUGE impact on your workouts! 
As with anything in life, music can enhance and alter your mood. It can make you happy, sad, mad, empower you, motivate, etc! Music makes me feel better no matter what my mood is!

So when i workout, i NEED my workout playlist!
I can NOT workout without my ipod.

So if you are ever wondering what music is good to workout to... here ya go!!
I garentee these songs will pump you up and make you get more out of your workout!!

i dont bother to find edited songs..


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