Monday, February 18, 2013

{Utah MMA} Jarome Hatch vs Josh VandeVeur 2-8-13

If you are new to by blog, my best friend's husband fights MMA here in Utah. We have gone to every fight in the last year. SUCH a fun time. Jarome Hatch is a veteran in the MMA scene.

This fight was amazing. These two do NOT like each other. And Josh (the opponent) had a BIG mouth. You should watch their interview video found HERE. So it amusing to watch Jarome finish him QUICKLY (tko 3 min into the first round). Also, please check Herb Dean in the ring! (UFC ref). Showdown Fights dont mess around! lol

Now i have a little vent.
a PURELY positive vent :))

As mentioned, we have known these guys (Nikki and Jarome) for a year now. And yes, we are really close and consider them best friends. So i might seem a little biased. But im not saying this cuz we're friends. I say this because i am overwhelmed by these guys.

These guys are the NICEST people i have ever met. So down to earth. Family oriented. Respectful. There is a REASON why Jarome has the biggest fan base of all the MMA fighters here in Utah. You dont acquire that by being "fake". Jarome is such a positive guy. So humble. Would give his shirt off his back to you. Always has something nice to say. A jokster, funny person. Always helping people, supportive, and always has good advice and positive things to say. His wife... where do i even start with her. This girl is my IDOL. She is ALWAYS running around, putting others before herself. She is the girl to call when you're having a bad day. She is the busiest person i know but ALWAYS makes time to bring you soup and oils if your sick, stops by if you're having a bad day, calls you up when you need to talk, she just senses these things! Man i love her.
I could go on and on, but ill stop haha.
You just dont come by all around GOOD PEOPLE that devote themselves to others so much very often.

On to the fight!

BAM! Tko, Josh asks "What happened...." hahahaha

Look at him grabbing Herb Dean! "HELP ME" hahaha

Good dudes right there!
(Justin Jacobson: Jake's Brookside, Jarome, and Shane Stoneman: Stoneman boxing @ The Pit Elevated gym in Orem Utah!)

^^Go like his page!
Even if you dont live in Uath! He always posts positive entertaining things, contests, and good causes to support!
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