Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Thyroid Update {Do YOU Have Hypothyroidism??}

So i was at a happy content 137mcg medication dose for my thyroid. Got pregnant, and maintained my happy 137mcg throughout pregnancy. Had Baiden (thyroid can go crazy after baby), Sure enough, in December, had to drop my dose to 125mcg.
Well i've been feeling off this last month, gained some weight this last week, had it checked, SURE ENOUGH, here we go! Back up to 137mcg! Hashimotos hypothyroidism is so fun!!!
Who wants to trade thyroid glands. Anyone? Anyone?...

So for the next 6 weeks, i will be in limbo with my body. So fun eh?!
Watch the video to see my tremors, listen to the symptoms, and to know whats going to happen with my "Motivation Mondays/Fitness/Weight Loss" posts for the next 6 weeks!

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