Sunday, February 17, 2013

Our Week In Celly Photographs!

What a week!
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 *Merp *Been 7 years with that sexy man! (Feb 10th)
 *Catching my Instagram up on Baidens monthly pics!
 *cheers to start working out again! I'm back to my pre-pregnancy weight (down 20 lbs).. now I just have 20 lbs more to get back to my pre-marriage weight! (Which is healthy for my height. No worries. Not going crazy here) Wish me luck LOL. 4 years of being fat is WAY too long! The babies were worth it, but now its time to get ME back! #SuckItHypothyroidism *HAHA, and so it begins
 *its fun being immature sometimes ;) But on a serious note.. I've been missing out! Thanks to my buddy Jared for opening my eyes! Smart man and good friend haha. Coke Is Better, i Came Into The Light. Have A sense Of Humor!!! (or at least understand my sense of humor lol) 
(PS, if you missed my vent video, make sure to check that out!)
 Well good morning my main baby man!
He LOVES to grab anything he can.
 *My two favorite 3 year olds! Miss Braylee and Rylee, Helping me make brownies! *VALENTINES DAY!
 *Made homemade valentines cookies with my baby valentines! I love baking!
*Sneak peek/behind the scenes. My baby Valentines! 
*Oh ya know, just some selfies while im bored waiting in the car to head up to the R.V expo! 
No big deal. :)

I really really really appreciate it!!!
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