Sunday, February 10, 2013

Our Last 2 Weeks In Phone Pics!

 *Cute Valentines nails! *Doc meant serious business for Jeff and me! *Baiden at his 4 month well check where we got the news that he's a little behind developmentally and might need a helmet for a flat spot :(
 :'( Breaks my heart. The next day.. my baby came down with the flu! I hate this Utah nasty crap air!
 Us after our 3 hour doc appt....
Baby boy feeling a little better, holding his head up so good! We are definitely getting a second opinion *Beautiful baby girl! *Lost 8 pounds in the last couple weeks!
 *Keamyn's 4th bday party! *Ashley's bday bash! The ladies! *Went out for Ash's bday! Love these guys!
 My niece Kallee turned 5! *All my babies crashed out during our movie night! :) LOVE THEM! (Baiden was in the swing)
 *Flash back Friday! Missing the beach and Disneyland! *Another day in paradise Utah! Thanks for the pollution! *SO in love with that sexy man! 7 years TODAY that we've been together!!
Fight night!
Jarome WINS! TKO 2 minutes into the first round! The other guy asks "what happened" hahahaha!

In the words of the band LMFAO.. "STOP. Hatin' is bad!"

Live life. Be happy!
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