Thursday, February 14, 2013

Jobless {Piss On Pepsi}

Ok, so my "week from hell" vlog got so long, i said i'd do a second vlog about the part of Jeff losing his job. So here it is!

I edited and re-editing this video ALL day yesterday. I tried to edit it down as much as possible, review it A LOT to make sure i did this video as tastefully as possible. I sat on it all day and made sure i was 100% to say what i said... you'll understand when you watch the video.
I took a lot out. We'll just say that haha.

So again, sorry its so long.. just listen to it while surfing facebook in another screen!
Christa vents are funny!

As disclaimed in this video, im not trying to make anyone look bad, BUT, it IS what it IS.
Also, Jeff worked for Admiral Beverage, not Pepsi national.
Here in Utah county, thats how that works.

Anyway, enjoy!
((if you dont care for the vent.. positive part and what our plan is now, is at 9:38))

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"Everything happens for a reason. Live it, love it, learn from it! Make your smile change the world, but don't let the world change your smile!!"

Have a sense of humor people!
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