Sunday, February 24, 2013

Is My Baby "Slow"??

Im starting to feel helpless and trapped (which is a weird emotion) when it comes to my perfect baby boy. I feel like we're constantly trying to play catch up. Like its becoming a part time job trying to keep him at the level of development that other babies are at. and every time i turn my head, a baby his same age is mastering ANOTHER milestone when we're still 2 steps behind working on the first milestone he was struggling with.

As you know, at Baiden's 4 month check up, the NP (nurse practitioner) was concerned with Baiden's lack of holding his head  up, and said we needed to go to a specialist for his development. Also brought up needing a helmet.
For some reason i was heart broken.
Baiden came down with the flu early the next morning, so once he was on the mend with the flu, my mom brain kicked in and i said "well thats why he wasnt holding his head up good! He had the flu coming on. He was weak and tired!". I guess you could say i was in denial.

The following day upon hearing that news, we worked really hard on tummy time and putting him in his jumper toy. He was doing AWESOME. I became full on set that he was fine and we were going to get a second opinion.
But those days turned into weeks, and although he was still doing really well with it, was rolling over all the time, somehow rotates himself in circles, he was being "lazy". He'll be on him tummy, hold his head up for a few minutes, then lay it down, and repeat. I thought that was great! But then i learn that other babies his age hold their head up for like 10 minutes at a time or longer. Okay. Is my baby behind? We're on week 3 of working with his tummy time, and he is "progressing" he's just doing the same.

We laughed it off and joke about him being a lazy boy.. but it soon started to concern me. And in the mist of being concerned and working even harder on his tummy time.. other babies his age are almost sitting up! Okay. Baiden is no where NEAR sitting up...

Am i being paranoid? Should i brush it off? I NEVER compared Braylee's milestones with other babies. But then again, she was always right there with other babies and their milestones. Im not MEANING to "compare", im just simply noticing.. and it causes some concern.

People tell me, "Christa, all babies go at their own pace, he's fine". And i know that and i try to comfort myself with that thought.. but what if its more? People say, "Christa, he was a month early, he might just be a little behind till he is older".. and i know that. But Braylee was 3 weeks early (Baiden was 4 weeks early) and Braylee did fine. Does 1 week really make that much of a difference? i just... i dunno.

Im just feeling like we're getting more and more behind.

We have an appt. on Tuesday for a second opinion.

What do you guys think? Anyone been in this situation? Any advice?
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