Friday, February 15, 2013

Flu & Baiden's Development Issues..

So as talked about in my "Week From Hell" post, we were all sick here in the Cox home a couple weeks ago! But in case you dont care to watch a vlog of that length, im doing a BLOG post on it!

I had been sick a week prior, and a couple Fridays ago, hubby came home from work just DRAINED, weak, and starting to fever. Pretty sure he had the flu. Braylee had the sunken eyes. Then what i dreaded most happened. My sweet little 4 month old woke up around 6:00 a.m Wednesday morning and was inconsolably crying. Wouldnt eat, and when i went to pick him up he was on FIRE. I stripped him down, got a cool rag for his head, and checked his temperature. It was 103.5... i PANICKED. Jeff called Baiden's on call doc while a pulled myself together. She informed him we didnt need to take him to the doctor if we could break his fever and get him to calm down. So we have him Tylenol, and soon after, Baiden settled down, and i stayed up with him waiting for his doctor's office to open.

We took Baiden in to the doctor, and after about 3 hours, and a couple tests, we ruled out RSV (thank goodness) and figured out he had the flu, type B. My poor little man. Not really anything more we could do for him except keep up with the Tylenol for his fever. Baiden was refusing to eat and we had until 4pm that evening to get him eating or we had to admit him to the hospital cuz he's only 4 months old.. :(
 Braylee love was the only one who got the flu shot. She got the sunken eyes and loss of appetite  but other than that... the flu passed her over.

We kept syringe feeding Baiden, but the only thing he'd drink, was pedialite. He would just spit out his formula. It was getting closer and closer to 4pm, and Baiden still wasnt eating hardly at all. So we asked for our Bishop to come give a blessing. Wasnt even 5 minutes later... Baiden started eating like a champ. Not as much as he normally does, but he would eat about 2 ounces every hour or 2, and kept us out of the hospital. Whether you believe or not... you have to admit, thats kinda cool :))

Baiden was sleepy the rest of the day, but the following day, Baiden was a whole new baby! Ran a low grade fever, but was back to smiling, laughing, eating almost back to normal, and being a happy fat little baby!

Here is a short video vlog documenting that day,
and also footage of Baiden's "development" issues. Which he was still sick and might not have had much energy. We're getting a second opinion regardless cuz now that he is all better, he does really well with tummy time and holding his head up.
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