Thursday, February 21, 2013

Baiden's 4 Month Update!

Are you ready for your heart to be in a puddle on the floor??

Baiden's 4 Month Update!
(so yes, he is almost 5 months now :( cuz i do these updates right before he is almost the next month)

 At Baiden's 4 month well check, his stats were:
*14 pounds (29.65 %-tile)
* 25.75 inches (73 %-tile)
 Baiden LOVES to talk.
He will jabber jabber and get so intense into talking to you! It seems like he's LEGIT having an intense conversation with you, but in baby talk haha. He is the cutest thing!
 He is SO smiley! Smiles ALL the time, even strangers get smiles out of him!
He seems to be a little on the shy side too. Cutest thing! He'll smile and laugh, then get all bashful and bury is face in whoever chest that is holding him :))

 You cant tell me that isnt the cutest thing you've ever seen!
He for sure wasnt thrilled about the hat.. hahaha!
This boy LOVES his hands. He is ALWAYS eating them!
 As mentioned in previous vlogs and also the vlog added in this post, Baiden is a little behind with his head control. We like to look at it more like he is just choosing to be lazy with it :))

 Baiden LOVES his big sister! (crap, im crying). Words can NOT express how amazing it is seeing your KIDS (plural) together! Braylee ADORES Baiden. From day ONE, she LOVES to help take care of him, talks baby talk to him, tries to play with him, wants to hold him.. and seeing Baiden light up when she comes around him.... **SIGH** that feeling is indescribable. 
 Getting too big for his swing!
Baiden is an ANGEL baby.
He takes regular naps. He wakes up around 7 or 8, has a bottle, 2 hours later, i lay him in his bed (no rocking, singing, no nonsense), and he just turns his head and goes to sleep! Doesnt even cry. He'll sleep for 1.5-2 hours, have a bottle, and 2 hours later, take another nap! No crying. Then he'll usually take a short 3rd power nap somewhere in the evening, then at 8pm, we have snuggle time (not cuz he needs it, cuz MOM needs it), lay him down, and without a peep, goes to sleep :))) He usually only eats once throughout the night.
ANGEL baby i tell you!!
 He doesnt care for tummy time. He has got a LOT better with it.. but he likes to "rest" a lot haha.
And due to this dislike of tummy time.. Baiden has MASTERED rolling over! (little terd).
He even rolls from his back to his tummy (which is harder). But he doesnt do that often cuz he caught on that that puts him on his tummy LOL.
And for my favorite part...
Baiden is STILL a mama's boy! :))))


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