Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Want To Gain More Exposure??

I have many friends and family who have their own business and shops and this is a fun way to help them out. You scratch my back, i scratch yours by helping you get exposure and advertise your business or blog!

But i am a different kind of sponsor. I dont just throw your button on my side bar and call it good. I work hard to make my blog interesting and keep my exposure growing. I visit all my sponsor's blogs often and try to help spread the word on anything needing to be spread like giveaways that you are doing and such.
My sponsors mean alot to to me and get the best treatment :)

AS Of  January 16th, 2013
  • We had 9,281 page views last month and keep growing!
  • About 300-400 page views daily (slower on weekends)
  • 619 followers via Google friend connect
  • 767 friends on my facebook (which gets feeds from my blog)
  • 55 networked blog followers
  • 479 Youtube Subscribers
  • 147 fans on my Young&Restless FB fan page
  • 104 fans on my new Personal/Fitness/Youtube FB fan page
  • 536 TWITTER followers
  • ------------------------------------------------ 
    I would LOVE to do a giveaway on this blog also. I am only going to host giveaways for this that will benefit my readers and interest them. Most of my readers are parents.
so email me if you are interested in either!

 Have you heard of Passion Fruit Ads?? Basically it makes sponsoring SO much easier!!
All you do:
1. Buy the ad size you want
2. Upload your banner
3. Enter your link

So simple for you too!!
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