Friday, January 11, 2013

Restless Blog Hop {Vol. 58}

Im sorry this is going up late!
i thought i was finally getting back in the groove.. guess not. Ill be better at it. I promise.

WELCOME lovies to week 58 of the restless blog hop!

A blog hop is a place to link up your blog, fb, twitter, whatever, and then you hop around to the other links and find blogs etc that you like! So its a place to FIND and be FOUND! yay!
Grab this button and place it on your blog for the weekend!
Its smart to make a special post about the hop and talk about yourself or post something fun to draw people in!
young and restless

MANDATORY: Be a follower of my blog!
young and restless

This week i dont have a co-host due to my space cadet mind haha.
If you'd like to be a co-host just email me!
Make sure you include a link to your blog!

Vote daily if you would!
Just click this link, then the left brown bubble!
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