Thursday, January 17, 2013

New Years 2013!

I like to keep my New Years extravaganzas low key, and with my kids.
I know most people like to party and bring in the new year all crazy style, but i dunno, i want to bring it in with everyone who means most to me, my hubby and kids :) 

So this year was perfect! We went to the best friend Felicia's house, had a few friends over, pigged out on YUMMY food, entertained ourselves with dress ups, pictures, sparklers, just a lot of fun!

Felicia and me.
We are so cool haha.
 Bray loves her chow

 Just missing the other bestie!
She was lame and went out of town for New Years ;)

 *sigh* words cant even express the love i have for this man :))))

 haha. My 2 favorite 3 year old girls!
 Bubba passed out haha.

2012 was a really good year!
Ill be doing a re-cap post probably this weekend :)
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