Monday, January 28, 2013

Last Few Weeks In Phone Pics!

I know, its Monday. I should be doing a Motivation Mondays post.
I did my video but it just got too late and annoying to put it up. So i will do that tomorrow!

You dont want to miss it..
And ill be posting about the power of music and my workout playlist :)!
(as well as progress pics!)

Ok, now for the phone pics post!
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 *Red lips! Wouldnt trade these moments for the world! *"just cause" flowers from hubby a couple weeks ago! Man i love that man :) * Aviators are BAAAACK! :)
 *DIY beanie! Ill do a post :) *This pic was totally not posed. She is such a ham. *My stud man!
 Sometimes when i need new profile pics, i get a little carried away lol
 Sister and twin nieces bday party! *Growing so big :( *He is so precious
 *Duck face. If you're gonna dis, get it right :) *Ummm.. PERFECTION!! beautiful baby girl! *We bad! lol
 Shopping! It was FREEEEZING!!
 How was i blessed with perfect beautiful kids?
 *Sick mommy! Needy baby... need to edit.. im a germaphobe, so THIS is how we do haha. Green blanket for barrier in case i coughed on my shoulder, and mouth in hoodies so i dont breath on bubba. *UH, he is growing so fast!
 *Pretty boy swag! *Utah inversion and smog! NASTYY! No wonder why everyone is sick.
Fight night! (Will do post)

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