Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Christmas 2012 {Distance,Police Stand Off, & Death}

Christmas this year was bitter sweet...
Well i guess i should say VERY sweet, but a little bitter.

Christmas was just so much fun. Braylee was ALL into writing a list for Santa, and staying on the nice list, and was just so much more into it. Of course it was our first Christmas with the new little man also! It was seriously perfect have our complete little family of 4.

But it was our first year without my baby brother. We got to face time him which was nice.. but it made me miss him a lot. He hasnt even met Baiden in person yet. Then later that day there was a police stand off with one of the neighbors. My heart was sad for that family that day.
And then around noon... my sweet Grandma passed away :( Guess Grandpa didnt wasnt to spend his first Christmas in heaven without her. They are now reunited with their 2 twin baby boys who were only on this earth one day. She is in a better place.. but still sad to see her go.
Ok. So lets get into detail of our Christmas.

So its tradition, that the Sunday before Christmas, we go to church with my mom, and have a nice Christmas dinner. I love all the traditions my mom has :)

Then on Christmas eve, all the kids (my siblings and i) spend the night at my mom's house to wait for Santa to arrive! I seriously love is. It brings back memories of being a little kid. Making my little sister sleep in my bed and stay awake talking about Santa coming and being so so excited!
 Santa always makes it over on Christmas eve to bring the kids some oranges and get any last requests in ;)
The kids get so excited and this was the first year Bray was ALL into it!

 Cookies for Santa

 First year i remembered our stockings and actually got stalking stuffers haha
 My mom getting our Christmas breakfast started the night before! She is so amazing!


 Face timing with my baby brother who is in Georgia serving an LDS mission. 
We sure miss him. This was our first Christmas without him :(
 We had a white Christmas!!

 All the cousins :)

Oh just a police stand off across the street..... :/
I was scared lol

 Dont know what happened but it took a while to get the guy to come out. I guess he was someone from my mom's church. The wife and kids werent home thank goodness. On Christmas? So sad.

Then later that week, we did Christmas with Jeff's family!

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