Thursday, January 24, 2013

Baiden's 3 Month Update

sad mama right here.

Anyway.. i meant to do this post a couple weeks ago but ya know. I suck at life. So here we are haha.

Baiden's 3 month update
 how did this happen?!
 My chubba bub EXPLODED!!
Bubba is seriously growing at warp speed.
Do they put growth hormones in formula now a days? Cuz i wouldnt be surprised if they do.
 Braylee grew fast... but not THIS fast!!
Im very interested to see his stats and growth chart at his next check up!
 As you know, after 2 months, you dont do another check up until 4 months old. So dont know his growth stats, but sets just say a #1 diaper is 8-14 lbs... and he is almost grown out of his #1 diapers.. HEALTHY BOY!!
*Baiden was eating about 5oz every 3 hours, but he now eats about 6oz every 4 hours now!
Baiden is now smiling A LOT!!
He is so smiley!

In the last couple weeks, he has even started to laugh (or try to). When he first stated laughing, it was so funny cuz he sounds like he is laughing, but his face looks scared and confused! Like he isnt sure what is happening haha!
*Baiden LOVES baths. He will lay in his bath and just stare at mama the whole time with a permanent half smile. Almost like he is in a euphoric state of mind, just in la la land LOVING his bath. 
*Baiden is a COMPLETE mama's boy! Just what i wanted :) Braylee is such a daddy's girl so i always said "Baby boy BETTER be a mama's boy" :)
And the milestone that tops the cake for 3 months old...


Braylee was backwards (didnt sleep at night at all) till about 2 months old. Then would only sleep about 2 hours at a time till about 4 months old. Then 3 hours, 4 hours, so on and so forth till she was about 8 months old. And even then, still needed at least one bottle a night and wouldnt always go right back to sleep till even past one years old.

Baiden on the other hand, from day one, sleeps through out the night, but would have about 3 bottles through out the night and go right back to sleep. The last week or 2, Baiden will go to bed at 8pm, and wake up for a bottle at 7am!! THEN, go back to sleep for another 2 hours!

 This little man is seriously an angel baby.

He is starting to get really fun!
Cheers for 4 months!
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