Tuesday, January 22, 2013

2012 {Recap!}

2012 has been REALLY eventful. Full of fall ins, fall outs, ups, downs, and the event that took the crown.. Mr Baiden being born. So lets recap this roller-coaster year!

Going through all the albums on my computer has been quite the blast to the past, and quite the task trying to pick ONE event in that month, and pick ONE pic. So my only advice is to follow the links and read the whole blog post! (If there is a link)

(Disclaimer: My life is an open book. I post a lot of pics. Key people in my life are in a lot of my pics.The internet world notices when things in the personal life change, even if i didnt officially talk about it on my blog. So out of respect for those involved, ill give a brief statement, but lets not ask too many questions lol)

 January was my fitness/weight loss PEAK after struggling for so long (9 months) with my newly discovered disease (February 2011) hypothyroidism and finding my right dose.

 Went to our first MMA fight.. and the fall in of our new best friends began :)


 April was the month of reunited friendships!
After a full year of not talking to one of my best friends and Braylee's best friend from when they were in the womb.. the past was put behind us. (Preslie, Rylee, & Braylee--best friend babies sense the womb) 
 Also rekindled another best friendship this month. After about 5 months of not seeing some very special people, we reconciled. I was a very happy camper this month

 BOY! (link)
 Jeff Turned 24 (link)

 I turned 23! (link part 1----link part 2)
Braylee turned 3! (link)
 SCARY. Almost lost the baby (LINK)


EPIC 4th of July Water slide/water fight (--->LINK<---- a="a">)


 Nikki's Bachlorette weekend in Vegas takes the cake this month! (link)

*Also...lost my best friend AGAIN around this time, and ANOTHER (yes 2 best friends)
*Grandpa passed away

 Our best friends tie the knot! (i actually was the photographer for their wedding so head on over to the photography blog for pics! -->LINK<--- a="a">)



October was very chill, enjoying new baby :)
But here is our Halloween (link)

 Jeff and I celebrate FIVE year of marriage on November 10th!! (link to a deep post -->here)


 Christmas was amazing this year!
(Christmas post --->here)

*Grandma (wife to Grandpa) passed away

See what i mean! Crazy roller coaster year.
more ups then downs though for sure!
i lost 2 best friends, BUT gained (& rekindled) 2 best friends.
I know my life sounds dramatic in the friend department, but all i will say, is that i wasnt the one who threw the friendships away if you catch my drift. Im not going into detail, and please dont ask questions. But all i have to say, is that life gets the best of us sometimes. We are young, we make mistakes. Its sad to watch, but sometimes you just gotta let your loved ones have their time and know when to not let it bring you down. Ok, enough with that.

Getting pregnant after my miscarriage last year was amazing and i was so stoked for our new baby! My pregnancy was AMAZING! We had SO much fun this year with parks, camping, boating, bbq's, cabins adventures, concerts, carnivals, birthdays, holidays, HOLY CRAP! We met AMAZING friends this year who we have to thank for the rekindling, majority of the fun events, but most importantly, friends we can call family. People who would literally go to battle for us. Support us. Was there for me through hard times, Etc.

This was also the year for my photography business! I started photography the end of March of 2011. 2011 was my learning year, 2012 was my branching out and growth year! If you're interested in my work, head of over to my blog and follow it! :) http://chrissyannphotography.blogspot.com 

So CHEERS to 2013!
I have a feeling its going to be even better then 2012

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