Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Our Last Week In Phone Pics

or 2 weeks? I dunno...
my life is a blur haha!
WAYY too busy!!!
 Bade man * Reminiscing. Baiden's preemie outfit *Baiden meets baby Gianna!
 Craft night!! *Me ;) *craziness of hypothyroidism
 The many faces of Bade man
 :) He is the sweetest thing!!!
 Its almost scary how much Jeff and Bray look a like haha *My angel *Mr Mom :)
 Can i just have some pants that fit!! Im in between sizes right now and its annoying. Cant believe these "skinny jeans" used to fit me!!
 Flashback Friday! *moody high school anorexic days lol *17 &18 year old Jeff and me. (yes, he used to do drugs lol) *free spirited me ;)
Birthday party *Holiday fingers and toes! *Christmas cookies!
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