Saturday, December 1, 2012

Halloween/October Pics

This is kinda a photo dump of the last of the pics from October lol.
Its HARD to keep updated with blogging when you have a newborn and ALSO work full time doing photography. Slowly but surely.. we shall catch up.

(ps.. blogger/picasa web albums is DUMB for making bloggers pay MONTHLY for picture space. DUMB DUMB DUMB!!!)

 He's so fat! I LOVE it!! Ive always wanted a chubby baby. My wish came true :)

Hey adults should ALWAYS dress up for Halloween! (ps.. please check out my awesome fat suit HAHA!) I was a failed Victoria's Secret model :)!
Half the crew there that night lol. Jeff didnt dress up (how lame)
so he was nominated to take the pic lol.
 Besties :)

Bray was a barbie for halloween :) fits her well! she really looks like one!
(princess and the popstar barbie to be exact. and yes, those are her real lashes with mascara)

Mickey mouse :) Baiden, 4 weeks old

Funniest thing! On Halloween, kids went trick or treating, yada yada. We went back to Nikki's house to hand out candy. Well Jarome and Jared decided to dress up like CREEPER stalker muderer dudes and scare the crap out of the older trick or treaters that were out later lol. Funniest thing ever. Jarome was hiding in the bushes scaring kids, and Jared was answering the door and scaring the kids and even creepily following after them after they left haha. I wish i could have got a good recording or pics of it lol but we had to keep it really dark in the house. hahaha i love my friends. Never a dull moment.

so funny
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