Sunday, December 23, 2012

Give Thanks...

This is my Thanksgiving post.... (FAIL)
This is just a photo dump of our Thanksgiving day.. mixed with rants on what im thankful for!

I am thankful for:

My little family that i love so much that i am building. But also my family that i grew up with, and my family that i married into! I dont know what i would do without my family!
 *My husband.
 He is my rock, my other half, my everything. I am so attached to him. He makes me a better person every day.
 *My kids. 
Being a mother is something you just cant even describe! The HARDEST but most rewarding thing in this life. They are the best thing to happen to me apart from my husband!
 *My photography business. 
This year, my business has really started to take off and i couldnt be more happy about that! I love my job, the people i meet, the moments i capture. I love making people happy. Its such a beautiful rewarding job! I feel so privileged to be able to essentially stay home with my kids, but still bring in some income :)
 My friends. 
This year has been a crazy one as far as friends go. I've met some new amazing ones that i have gotten really close to... and ive lost some really close ones that mean a lot to me.
Life is crazy but ive learned you just have to make the best of what you are dealt with. All you can do is hope for the best. Everyone has their own personal struggles. Sometimes you just have to let life take its course! Embrace what you have, and learn to move on with what you've lost.
 Modern Medicine: 
As you all know.. i have hypothyroidism, and so i am so thankful for doctors and medicine.
No matter what your religion is.. im thankful that i was raised with God in my life. For comfort, for hope, for everything imaginable. 
 My mistakes.
Yep. i am thankful for my mistakes. For that have molded me into a better person.
 My neighbors:
I really lucked out moving into the town homes that i moved into. Our neighbors are so loving and have really touched our lives in a important way. i really appreciate them!
 My health.
I know i complain a lot about my hypothyroidism... but it could be a lot worse! And i really need to appreciate what im NOT suffering with, rather than what i am.
 My open mind:
That sounds weird. But i am truly thankful for my ability to have an open mind with things. To not sweat the little things. To not judge. Find the good in everything. etc. 
My mom:
Everything im thankful for, everything i am.. ALL boils down to one person. My mom. She is the most amazing woman. Every good quality in me came from my mom. She taught me to be caring, loving, kind. To know Christ and live by him. She is such a hard worker. Has always worked hard for her family to have the things we needed, and then some. She went to school on her own with 2 kids and no family who lived close. She is a true hero. MY hero. She raised all her children to be amazing people. We have big shoes to fill :)
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