Thursday, December 27, 2012

FRUSTRATING Chow Top Fight Night {12/7/12}

I think this fight has been by far the most frustrating fight out of Jared and Jarome's fights in the last year that ive been watching their fights..

As a disclaimer  i just want to put it out there. Colton Vaughn (Jared's opponent) is a LEGIT guy. I have mad respect for him. And that says a lot, cuz i generally dont care for any opponents Jared or Jarome fight. They just straight piss me off. But Colton is very respectable and an awesome MMA fighter. Knows how to have competition, but be respectable and give credit where credit is due...
ok lets move on.

Just a QUICK overview, long story short, Jared KNOCKED HIS OPPONENT OUT at the end of the fist round... and the ref/officials/whoever... let the fight continue on (DONT ASK ME WHY), and then Jared ended up losing cuz the ref ended the fight, apparently due to Jared not defending himself, when Jared was still fighting to get out and moving..... but besides all of the other stuff, JARED KNOCKED THE GUY OUT! WHY was the fight continued on, when he knocked the guy out BEFORE the round ended??
EVEN IF the round ended, then the guy got knocked out.. you CAN NOT continue a fight when you've been knocked out due to liability laws.... BULL CRAAAAAAAP!!
Even in Colton's "winner speach" he said, "this fight was crazy but hey, i dont make the calls". Which is true. Colton straight LUCKED OUT due to stupid officials that night.

Needless to say.. EVERYONE there was outraged. Even people who were non biased to Jared agreed that it was a crap fight and not fair. So this fight is now in review. Jared cant be declared the winner, but the win can be stripped from Colton and the fight will be a "No Contest" fight. (no winners, no losers).
We are still waiting to hear back on it.

(full video at the end of this post)

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