Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Baiden's 1 Month Update

I better do Baiden's one month update sense he is already 2 months old haha! 
At Baiden's 1 month appointment, he weighed 8.6lbs, and over 20 inches! Baiden was a month early, so thats basically what he would have been if i had him on time..... BIG BOY! Thank goodness he came early was was a little 6lbs healthy baby with a tiny head haha. 

 So from day 1, Baiden was very sleepy. Slept all day, slept all night, just woke up to eat every 2 hours and thats it! We struggled with breast feeding due to my thyroid drying me up and had to switch to formula fully. We struggled for an entire month trying to find formula that worked from him. I think we tried 3 different kinds till we found the one we are using now, but thats his 2 month update :)
So needless to say, we went from very quiet, sleepy baby who never made a sound unless he was hungry.. to a fairly grumpy man who's tummy hurt cuz we were in limbo with formula. But still, cant complain. He is such a good baby
trying to smile LOL
He also got his upper respiratory infection like i have mentioned on my blog before. So we struggled with that when he was 4 weeks old for a couple of weeks.

Baiden LOVES his big sister. He always responds to her when she talks to him. In this pic shown above, that was when Baiden was just starting to smile. Sister always makes him smile.

Getting so strong! (7 weeks old ^^ )
Baiden seriously is the SWEETEST little baby. So cuddly, happy, even his cry is just so sweet. He is mama's sweet little man. He has just completed this family! 
At one month old, he eats about 2-3 oz, every 2-3 hours.
He hates baths still lol

My little chubba baby.. i love him so much!
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