Monday, December 31, 2012

*Baiden* 2 Month Update!

On November 23rd, Baiden turned 2 months old! So this post is between the time frame of 11/23-12/23. 
{{Birth stats: 1 month early, 6 lbs 1oz, 18 inches long}}
 So at Baiden's 2 month well check, he weighed in at 
11.4 pounds (29th &-tile) and 23.5 inches (71st %-tile).
 (^^just like his father... lol)
Baiden is SERIOUSLY, the sweetest thing. Everyone warns you of how quick kids grow. And its true. Braylee grew so fast... but Baiden.. holy crap, i swear he is growing at WARP speed! Braylee's growth was very gradual and slowly inclining.. Bade's is sky rocketing. Not even joking.

 The first month of Baiden's life he was newborn. Slept all the time. Got sick at 4 weeks. Started the colic, acid reflux, all that jazz... Well i am happy to announce, we are finally in control of all that! He is a healthy fat boy! We have him on a special formula for colic, prevacid for his reflux, and we add rice to all his bottles. And it TREMENDOUSLY helps his relux. He still has days where we struggle with it, but all in all, he is rocking it.

 Baiden is smiling, cooing, and even starting to try to laugh. He is such a happy fat boy! Sweetest little soul. He goes to be around 10pm, sleeps till 5-6 a.m, has a bottle, then goes back to sleep till between 7-8 a.m. SUUUUCH a good sleeper!!
Braylee was a NIGHTMARE sleeper till she was 4 months old. And even then, she'd only sleep about 4-6 hours at at time. We really lucked out with a good sleeper! The man upstairs took mercy on my sleeping needs ;)

 Baiden LOVED sitting in front of the Christmas tree and staring at the lights. He is SOO sweet. I cant emphasize that enough!!

 He now loves his baths. He HATED them at first!
He sleeps a lot during the day and has a pretty sporadic schedule  but has an awesome schedule at night as i mentioned. 
 His smile melts my heart. 
 LOOK AT THAT FACE!! Its pretty apparent even in pictures of how sweet he is!
He loves to cuddle and nestle into my chest.
Life is so good!
Baiden is such a blessing. 
Braylee LOVES her baby brother and it shows that he loves her so much too. He gets so smiley when he hears Braylee's voice or see's her! Oh my goodness. Life is so amazing. I LOVE seeing my kids together :)

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