Thursday, November 8, 2012

Sick Times...

Im gonna make this post brief.
I REALLY need to get all caught up in my blogging haha. BUT its all in the video if you are interested!

So 3 weeks ago (when Baiden was 3 weeks old). Braylee SOME how got sick. I've been sheltering and bubble wrapping my kids as best i could but some how.. Braylee got sick. Either from dance, or from a trip to Walmart. Anyway, Bray get croup SO easily. And thats what she got!
We took her to the E.R to get a steroid shot because i wanted to get it gone ASAP with a 3 week old baby! And well it worked. She never had the croupy cough again.. but for a full week, she had a bad cough.
I was SO anxious about Baby boy getting sick. I was washing my hands every 5 minutes. Lysoling everything. Clorox wiping everything. Washing sheets and blankets regularly. My hands were literally cracked, gross, and bleeding!

The next week, JEFF gets sick. He went to work on Thursday healthy, got rained on all day, came home sick. Started with a sore throat and neck. Turned into no hearing in his left ear and loosing his voice. He went into an insta-care after work that Friday, they said it was a virus, nothing they can do, and sent him home.
For the next week.. Jeff slept in a different room and didnt touch Baiden at all so that he wouldnt get him sleep. 
Then i think it was Thursday, Jeff went to his doctor to get a second opinion  come to find out, Jeff has an infection behind his throat, and a sinus infection. Got a shot in his butt, and some amniotic meds to take.
I was THRILLED that all my blood hands and hard worked had paid off!
But then it happened....
Baiden got sick :(

He developed a little cough that gradually got worse, and then he got congested, so we took him in to the doc. Turns out he has an upper respiratory infection. Scary stuff for a newborn. You cant start antibiotics with a newborn cuz it kills off the good stuff as well as bad stuff, so we were sent home to pray that it didnt turn into a secondary infection (RSV).

SOOO so sad.
My poor little man ran a fever for a few days and we couldnt give him tylenol cuz if he needed to be admitted, we needed to know his true temp.
All we could do was run a humidifier, do saline nose drops, and suck his nose out.
Needless to say.. i got little sleep and stayed up all night with my baby boy to watch over him. RSV isnt a sickness to take lightly. So i watched his breathing and fever closely.

Here we are, a week later, Baiden is 6 weeks old,
and im happy to say, Baiden is on the mend!
Fever and congestion is gone (the scary stuff). His cough is pretty much all gone, and so we just are continuing to suck his nose out.
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