Sunday, November 18, 2012

Our Last Month In Phone Pics!

Ok, i think after this post, i will be all caught up with "phone pics"
 Halloween *Sick Mr Baiden *dinner sent by the best friend!

 Nails *Princess *chubby baby *Sick with the stomach flu, Braylee and Mickey mouse helped me out that day :) *I voted! (well jeff did. I was sick at home) *PROUD mommy moment! Braylee trying to help the little girl who just stands there the whole time. Im raising my kids right :) *First week of Jillian *FIVE YEAR ANNIVERSARY!! STILL so in love with this man. *Utah got hit with LOTS of snow

Ok, from this point on, with this last week!
 Fight night! Supporting Jarome Hatch (the hatchet). He got the win of course. Such a good fight. Fist guy to actually STAND with Jarome that ive seen!. And the after party!! Out dancing our buns off :) This mama needed to get out of the house, it was so nice.
 My chubber man. Braylee and Kaibree. True meaning of best friends! They haven't seen each other much for 2 months (sense Baiden's been born) and they just pick up where they left off as if it was just yesterday!

Playing photographer in the rain yesterday! Finished up the session just as it started POURING rain!.
SUCH a busy day yesterday. Baby shower, photo session, baby shower, and then a birthday party... ALL while running off 3 1/2 hours sleep haha.

NEEDLESS to say...
i had a lazy re-coupe day today :)
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