Friday, November 2, 2012

Adjusting To New Baby {Week 2&3}

As mentioned in my previous post, week 1 was just great. But week 2, i had some personal struggles.

Baiden was still amazing and super easy, and Braylee was still attention seeking, maybe a little bit more than week 1, but still not too bad. But for ME, all my stress and emotions that i had been suppressing, started to hit me hard. Jeff goes into work at 3:30am and drives truck, so he can NOT go to work tired. You just cant drive a semi truck sleepy. So i get up all night by myself. Well all the NICU drama, emergency D&C drama, photo shoots, being stressed about editing, and now adding in the lack of sleep.... I finally had a breakdown.

I was super moody, emotional, and stressed out week 2 and 3. It was crunch time on editing. I was really feeling very overwhelmed. I was feeling cooped up and like my life was just a blur! Like i didnt know where my day went! The 2 hour feedings, trying to attend to a 3 year old, trying to edit, i barely even fit time in for me to eat meals at a normal time (breakfast at 2pm... really??), get ready, or even shower. Overwhelmed is in understatement.

My amazing husband is responsible for holding me together and getting me through the days. He is so supportive, says just what i need to hear. Come home from long days at work with flowers and is so eager to help. I dont even have to ask. I have my amazing family, close friends, and sweet neighbors to thank too! I dont think we made dinner for a good week and a half after we brought Baiden home. We received gifts, diapers, cards, calls, just OVERWHELMING love and caring. Basically my negative overwhelmed feelings, and my positive overwhelmed feelings, kinda evened out. I was just a big emotional mess, positive and negative!

WEEK 3: The beginning of week 3 i think i had another break down. I'd take a shower and just BAWL. I had no control over my emotions but boy did it feel good to just let it out! BUT we have good news! Week 3 was when i started feeling a little more together. Getting the hang of things. Feeling good! There was a sense of calm that week. Mostly cuz i got my wedding edited and finished only 2 days late :) What a relief! Things were just great. It was a nice break before MORE stress...

At the end of week 3, Braylee woke up one night just crying and coughing. I went into her room and there it was! The croup barky cough :( Braylee gets it SOO easily. I dont even know where she got it. We seriously went out of the house like twice sense Baiden was born :( So we took her to the ER to get the steriod shot before it got worse and to protect the new tiny baby. That worked! No more croupy cough.. but Bray had a good nasty cough for the next week... HOLY ANXIETY!!!!

And dont you even fret... week 4... things got even worse as far as sickness. But ill talk about all that in my week 4&5 post... basically... PRAY FOR US! :(
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