Thursday, October 4, 2012

We Almost Had A Baby At The Cabin....

We are almost to the labor and delivery story haha!
This post is what happened right before i went into labor... Lets begin.

So last Friday (September 21st) we decided to go with our friends to their cabin. I had been having LOTS of braxton hicks contractions and cervical pain (as i mentioned in my last pregnancy vlog) but i had called my doc and they said it was all normal for being 35 weeks and to wait till my 36 week appointment on the 24th where they would check my cervix. The only time i'd need to worry and go in to the hospital or doctor is if my contractions became regular and 2-3 min apart for an hour. They never became that regular.. So i figured, ok, lets go to the cabin! IF i do go into labor.. its only an hour and 45 minute drive back home.. (little did i know......)

Friday night, everyone got up there kinda late so we mostly just hung out by the fire, then went to bed.
That night.. i did NOT sleep. And i felt so so weird. I kept having contractions that HURT. I spent the whole night trying to sleep and counting contractions.. but they never became regular enough for me to worry or think i was in actual labor. But MAN did they hurt. SHARP pains in my back, butt cheek, and leg.

During the day everyone went out on a four wheeler ride. 
Everyone wanted me to go but i had a weird feeling and said NO WAY. They bumps would probably put me into labor. Or if we wrecked.. i could never live with myself if something happened to my baby.

Long story short, i stayed behind and took nature pictures as seen in the beginning of this post. I was prepared to just hang out so i had my ipod handy and just relaxed. It was so nice and peaceful  The weather was AMAZING.
Hobo dinners are the BEST!

The girls! Justine, me, Tanisha, and Nikki!
(Scottee wasnt around but dont worry, we made sure to get some with her later that night)

HAHAHA we are so cool.
Dont leave us alone with a camera, we have no control over the outcome lol

ALL the girls!
Me, Scottee, Nikki, Justine, and Tanisha!
This photo was an accident but SO funny! 
LAST baby bump pic!!!!!
Its become a tradition i guess lol

Due to the events the night before.. i had a weird feeling and wanted to go home early. I didnt want to risk another night with no sleep and just feeling crappy.. or possible labor.
So we hung out till about 12:30 am... then got in the car to head home...

As SOON as we got on the road.... BAM, contractions.
Real ones. That hurt like a mofo.

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