Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Utah MMA Fight Night {Hatch Twins}

After my baby shower we went to support our good friends in their MMA fights!
This was the first time in like 6 years that both Hatch twins were fighting on the same card. Pretty exciting night! If you live in Utah make sure you come out to these fights!

Weigh ins... behind the scenes.. BRUTAL! 
Jared Hatch (on right) aka Chow Top
Jarome Hatch aka "The Hatchet"
(his opponent didnt make it in to town this night)

Chow's fight!
(Jared Facebook)

Jarome's fight!
Jarome Facebook, Jarome Website)

What do you know... the twins both have a similar outcome lol.
TKO due to ref stoppage not even a minute into the second round..

Hatch magic baby!
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