Thursday, October 25, 2012

Emergency Surgery After Delivery Story..

So we got released from the hospital on 9/25. I had a wedding to shoot that Friday on the 28th. Yes, you MIGHT think im crazy.. BUT i had Baiden 4 weeks early. I wasnt supposed to have a baby yet and i just could NOT bail. ESPECIALLY on a wedding! That is so so stressful to loose your photographer right before your wedding and have to find another one that you like, for the right price. ANYWAY.

So Friday comes, and literally, about an hour and a half before i need to leave.. BAM, most intense pain in the world come in my lower left pelvic region. I was DYING. It was so intense. It came in waves and kept getting more and more intense. I was bawling and couldnt even get up out of bed. I thought maybe my appendix burst but after googling it.. my appendix is not on my left side haha.
My husband Jeff was so concerned and got me heating pads etc. About 45 minutes before i had to leave, i finally i caved to my pain meds given to me from delivering Baiden. 30 minutes before i needed to leave i could finally get out of bed, and 20 minutes after that i was ready to go! THANK HEAVENS for my best friend Nikki who came to the wedding with me to help shoot and also drove me there sense im not supposed to drive with my pain meds. I felt fine but ya know, better safe then sorry. And thank HEAVENS for an amazing bride who was so understanding to my situation and me being 20 minutes late!
We shot the wedding, it was BEAUTIFUL! BEAUTIFUL couple, and i was completely pain free and had a great time shooting this amazing wedding.

The next morning (Saturday) i woke up and the pain was BACK, but on my right side this time. Jeff got the pain meds.. the pain went away for the entire day, didnt even think about it.
At about 7:30 that evening, the pain came back AGAIN and it was even worse then it had been. I called the on call O.B and he told me to go to the ER immediately because what i was experiencing was not normal. I kinda panicked. I didnt know what to do with my kids, and i ESPECIALLY didnt know what to do with my newborn who didnt sleep through the night and that i was trying to breast feed and was only a week old and had MAJOR separation anxiety over.
So i called my sister who lives like 5 minutes away, and she was fine taking the kids. I have amazing people in my life.

We got to the ER at about 8:30 or 9:00, and HOLY CRAP! It was PACKED. It was a full moon and EVERYONE in Utah decided to go the ER i guess. They were doing I.V's and Blood draws right there in the waiting area. Finally around 11:00pm i got my I.V, and at 11:30pm i got taken back for an ultrasound. During the ultrasound it was pretty obvious that the tech lady found something but she wasnt allowed to tell us.We went BACK to the waiting room, and around midnight, FINALLY  got taken back to be seen.

After the doc checked me and reviewed the ultrasound, it was decided that i had some placenta that didnt deliver after i had Baiden, and that i was going to need to be put under for an emergency D&C before it started to get infected. I was nervous to be put under but it had to be done.
If you dont know what a D&C is, basically they go up into your uterus, and scrape it all out. Lovely i know.

Anyway, the surgery went fast. I woke up, was moved to recovery, slept a little bit, went to go get the kids, and was home around 2:30am i think.
Doc said id INSTANTLY feel better and he was right. My recovery time was instant pretty much. Just had to take it easy and not lift over 19lbs for a few weeks.

And dont even worry! I definitely went and did another photo session that evening! Hahaha! Ill blame my craziness on my pain meds ;) But really, i felt fine, and again, wasnt bailing :) 
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