Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Day 2 &3 In Hospital!

This is more of a photo dump post haha!

So on Monday, the 24th, was day 2 in the hospital! Everything was continuing to go smooth! Baiden's sugar levels were low but i was trying to breast feed. So we had to start supplementing with formula. But where i was wanting to breast feed we had to feed him in a really complicated way. If you've done this before, you'll know what im talking about but basically i had to use a syringe that had a tube attached to it. I'd fill the syringe with formula, let Baiden latch on to the boob, and stick the tube in his mouth. So as he sucked the boobie, he was sucking down the formula too. It worked really well, but if he wouldn't latch good, we would just have to finger feed him. (Let him suck our finger with the tube.. etc etc).

 My sister Jessica. She was with me almost the entire time at the hospital :) The company was very nice. I sure do love her.

 Sister brought brother a toy doggy :)

 She is so sweet with him

 My other sister Becky. She is my sister that took care of Braylee while we were in the hospital. Yes, i have amazing sisters :)
 I love being a mommy of 2 kids!
Jeff's mom :)
 cute Rylee (Nikki's daughter) and Kyndsi (Nikki;s niece)
 Kage meets Baiden! Kage is Baiden's trainer in how to be a perfect baby :)
 Kage was soooo cute! He wanted to MAUL Baiden. True best friends already ;)
 Now THATS what i call a SANDWICH! I love hospital food :)

 Isnt he so precious??
 Bestie Ashley came to visit!
 :) good night little man
Please check out how swollen my foot/ankle got lol

Day 3!
Jeff's cute ;ittle air mattress. So much better then that chair bed they have.
My boys :) Melts my heart :)

 She seriously loves her brother so much

Due to Baiden's sugar levels being low.. there was a possibility that he would have to stay another day. I did NOT want to go home with out my baby! But we lucked out.. He was going to be released on the 3rd day (9/25) but not until the evening.
I on the other hand, was released in the morning by my O.B (Baiden has a separate doctor). But the hospital i stayed at was SOO sweet and even though i was released, let me stay in my room to be with Baiden. They brought me tons of formula sense i had Baiden early, was planning on breastfeeding anyway, and was totally unprepared for needing formula. I didnt even ask. SWEETEST nurses EVER!! They even sent me cards and all my nurses signed it :) OMG i cried..

Anyway, so the evening of the 25th, we were released from the hospital! September 25th is my dad's bday and my Niece Sam's bday. So we went straight to my moms to hang out for a minute and say happy birthday. There were SO many people, i was exhausted, and i just got anxious with the new baby, so we didnt stay long. And then we finally headed home!

Home life blog post will be coming soon :)

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