Saturday, October 20, 2012

Baiden's NICU Story...

So when Baiden was born, there was a respiratory team ready to check him and make sure he was breathing good. After they did all their little tests, they deemed him as good to go! Baiden was born at 11:47am, and through out the day was fine. We were enjoying our new bundle of joy and some visitors that came through out the day!

In the afternoon sometime, Baiden started making this cooing/whining sound. It was seriously the cutest thing! The nurse on shift came in and heart Baiden making this sound and wanted to take him to the nursery to check his oxygen. She did so, and brought him right back. His oxygen was fine. 
We continued through out the day loving on him and loving his cute little coo thing he was doing.

The next shift came on and the new nurse came in and heard what he was doing and said the same thing. She took him to the nursery, but this time he was gone for like an hour. The nurse kept coming back in to tell us they checked his oxygen, it was good, so now they are going to check this. About 2 hours went by, she came back in and said they were just waiting on same lab work they did on him.
An hour or so after that, at around 11:30pm ish, Jeff was asleep, and the nurse came in to inform me that Baiden was in the NICU and that his oxygen kept getting worse and worse so thats why he was in there. She then said we could go up to see him in about 15 minutes and get all the details of what was going on..

My heart fell out of my chest. I kid you not. Every scary thought went through my head. But i held it together so that i could calmly wake Jeff up and tell him what was going on. I woke him up, and as soon as i got the words "Baiden is in the NICU" out, i started balling. Jeff flew up out of his cute little air mattress so fast and was ready to head up to the NICU.
When we got there there was a whole team of people right by Baiden's side monitoring him and decided how they needed to help his breathing out.

 It was so hard to see him this way. Add in all my post pregnancy crazy emotions... it was hard for me to hold it together (and i didnt). They had to start an I.V on him.. that was super hard to watch. Especially where it took a couple tried to get it in. They kept poking and prodding and hooking things up to him and all i wanted to do was hold him and take all his pain away... Then... it got worse...
 They decided he needed a C-Pap machine to help him breathe. Its a machine that simple adds an extra puff of air into his lungs to prevent his lungs from collapsing  But it LOOKS intense and was so hard to see my tiny son that way...

I basically hadnt slept sense Thursday (this was Sunday night/Monday morning) and the nurses kept reasurring me that he was in good hands and that we were welcome to stay as long as we wanted but encouraged me to get some sleep... so i agreed to do so at about 12:30am.

Around 4:00am, a nurse came in to wake me up, and she had my sweet baby boy. He was off the machine and out of the NICU and doing awesome. All he needed was about 4 hours on the machine.

I cant even describe to you that moment and getting my baby back into my arms to hold him and love on him.

Words can not even express my appreciation to the team of people who made sure my son was well taken care of and on the road to recovery. The hospital i stayed at is truly the best!

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