Monday, October 29, 2012

Adjusting To New Baby.. {Week 1}

Alright. Lets talk about how we are doing with new baby :)

I heard that going from 1 kid to 2 kids is the hardest. After that (kid #3,4 etc) is easy peasy. And well, i dont have 3 kids, nor will i probably ever have 3 kids, but it makes sense! I mean, your fist kid is used to ALL the attention, ALL the toys to themselves etc. Yea, they play with other kids here and there on play dates, day care, school, whatever. But they always get to go home to being the ONLY kid! So where there is a new sibling.. all that changes.

Now week one for us was BLISSFUL! So amazing.
We were at the hospital for 3 days with room service, nurses to help, great food, and babysitters at night so you can get some sleep! Braylee was on vacation mode with her cousin Kallee and was just loving life!
Braylee LOVES her brother. She gets the biggest smile when she see's him. Always says "Thats my baby BROTHER!" "He's so cute mom!". She always wants to hold him and help anyway she can. 
She'd come to the hospital, get so excited over brother, and then say "k cha-chee" (thats what she calls my sister). "Lets go to your house to play". She seriously was having the time of her life haha.
 When we left the hospital, we went to go get Braylee, and she did not want to come home with us haha. Kinda made me sad.
 We had a game plan for Braylee to make sure she didnt feel "replaced" or have resentment toward brother. We planned that Jeff and i would takes turns having one on one time. Take Braylee out for ice cream of something. Jeff was so excited to take Braylee to dance during his week home from work and Braylee was too, she is such a daddy's girl.
 (4 days old going to first doc appt)

 But even when brother was home with us.. Braylee was SO good with her brother. Always wanting to help, always wanting to hold, its the cutest thing.

But Braylee with US, is a whole other story!

During the fist week, Braylee was REALLY testing her limits with us. She'd find the SILLIEST things to make a big deal about. She became more mischievous, sneaky, and down right defiant. She'd do something bad, we'd get after her about it, and she'd just smile and laugh! (little terd lol).
But Jeff was home from work so it wasnt all that bad! We'd take turns with our patients level with who dealt with which kid haha.
 Ok now for Baiden's side of the situation and coming home!
Baiden is the EASIEST baby! He is so so chill and SO super sweet. Braylee was a hard newborn. She wouldnt sleep, was backwards with her nights and days when she did sleep, and developed colic which made for a REALLY fussy baby. Jeff works REALLY early, and LONG days (especially during the summer when Bray was born). And he drives truck. He can NOT go to work sleepy. So i was doing the up at night thing all by myself, then she'd be up all day and Jeff would be gone all day. I was a new mommy, it was just HARD.

 Baiden though is so sleepy! He sleeps all night, all day. Well at night he wakes up about every 2 hours to eat, but then goes right back to sleep! And Jeff was home the first week (didnt do that with Braylee cuz we NEEDED the money). So getting up at night was actually fun!
I loved the new baby thing and snuggling him at night and feeding him. And i always had Jeff if i did need a break or needed to nap during the day (which i never did).

So yea, week one was AMAZING! Yes Braylee was a little difficult but not bad at all! I loved the help from hubby and everything was just wonderful. 
We had this sweet new baby and a beautiful baby girl who loved him! It is SOO amazing seeing her as a big sister. Words can not even describe the amazing feeling it is being a parent of 2 and seeing your kids interact. And having a boy is SOOO different!! My bond with him is so different.
Everyone worries "how can i POSSIBLE love another person as much as i love my first child?!". Oh, its possible. Your heart just grows 10 million times bigger! But i personally never worried about that.

What i worried about, was Braylee feeling replaced. I mean, it is what it is, newborns are SO demanding and need LOTS of attention. But Braylee is doing very well. I think it helps that she is 3 though and not 18 months-2 years old like most age difference is with other parents.

Anyway! Thats week one!!
Week 1= AMAZING :)
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