Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Dark Side Of Pregnancy...

So i've posted before about pregnancy and finding the positives in it no matter what... [You can find that post HERE <-----]

But pregnancy DEFINITELY has its dark side....

Everyone knows the last month of pregnancy is the hardest and most miserable.
I already have carried super low this pregnancy, which has caused my hip pain and such, but it wasnt too bad. Now that Baiden has dropped, im in almost CONSTANT pain..
Walking is painful due to my sciatic nerve and now back pain. There is so much pressure on my cervix that i get sharp pains, which cause contractions, its just miserable.

If i sit for longer than 20 minutes my hips start to hurt and i have to change position or adjust. If i lay down, i cant lay on my back so i have to pick a side, and being on one side too long makes my hips hurt bad so i have to rotate (which is a painful process). So BASICALLY, walking, sitting, and laying down, offers little relief.

 Getting up is quite the hard process (and probably amusing from an outside view). Its difficult to get out of bed. I cant sit on the floor for more than 30 second without TREMENDOUS pain when i move.
I can barely shower myself. Shaving is pretty much non existent (sorry husband!). I cant paint my toes or clip them. TRYING to do so just gives me contractions cuz squishing Baiden in the least bit puts so much pressure on my cervix that i contract

It hurts to put on pants/shorts like a normal person. I feel like im pulling a muscle ever time i try to lift my leg to slip it into a pants leg.Standing too long makes my chest hurt and feel heavy (dont freaking ask.. i dont know). I run out of breath just TALKING too much.Im always getting random charlie horses that HURT. Add that to the sciatic nerve pain.. SHOOT ME NOW!

I already had to pee about ever hour and a half to 2 hours.. now that Baiden has dropped, i feel like i have to pee every 30 minutes or EVERY time i stand up. Even just sitting or laying i will get sudden SHARP pains in my cervix. I can feel him pushing on it like he is trying to bust out and it is SO uncomfortable.

Baiden is so big that his movements have started to kinda hurt? Like he loves to stretch out or run his boney elbows or knees or SOMETHING along my belly and it HURST. There is more baby than fluid now so his movements are just sore now.

My boobs hurt, i have bad allergies (you cant take good meds during pregnancy), i get heartburn by just SMELLING something spicey. I have to eat like a toddler. I randomly get nauseous. I cant brush my teeth without the sink looking like a murder scene (pregnancy gingivitis). The love life is interesting to say the least with a belly this huge and a kid so low. My belly itches now. The constant cramping and tightening is so irritating and sometimes painful. OH the list goes ON and ON!

Did you catch all that?
Alright lets continue...

Do you know what its like to be in CONSTANT discomfort? It REALLY takes its toll on the emotions. And i think this is why ive hit my breaking point emotionally. I've been on the more emotional side this whole pregnancy. But nothing bad at all. Now im SO sensitive. I randomly start crying. I have a break down about once a week now. I catch myself being paranoid, like "What if Jeff is miserable dealing with me and all my neediness". "What if my own daughter starts to not like me cuz im ornery all the time?"
Just ridiculous things...

I know this is all normal.. but its just hard excepting that you've lost control of your body and mind.

Im so lucky to have an AMAZING husband and support system (friends/family) who are understanding to it all. Let me vent, dont judge me, are there for me through it all etc. And honestly, i think im handling it all pretty well. Ive had a PERFECT pregnancy up until this point so i REALLY lucked out.

I figured i just better document the not so fun stuff cuz as we ALL know... i keep it real on this blog, blog about it all, and dont hold back. For others to relate to, not feel alone, and for me to look back on and remember why we are having NO MORE BABIES ;)

 Cheers to the next 3 weeks and 3 days! 
The countdown is ON! 

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