Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Our Week In Cell Pics!

AH, i apologize for my blogging but you have to be patient with me!
Its wedding season! Im working on editing 2 weddings right now and im shooting another one in a couple weeks! Plus i have a couple other shoots lined up before my maternity leave in October!
SUPER SUPER busy editing.. Blogging HAS to go on the back burner!

But here's a quick celly pic post to let you know what we've been up to 
(besides me working my tooshy off lol)

Braylee & Rylee! Best friends 
 *Can never have enough pink in your life! *Come on its funny! (making fun of Utah's conservatism) *Braylee at her 3 year well check! (need to do a post on that)
 Fall is in the air!!! YAY!!!!!!!!
Love my P.I.C!

 Displays at my Gpa's viewing. All 13 kids with their parents *Family tree.. 
 Gpa's funeral (will be doing a post on it)
Flash back friday! Jeff and me when i was in high school lol. LOOK HOW SKINNY HE WAS! (dont do drugs). *High school notebook.. i was focusing in class lol. *Me with Braces and my awesome eye brows lol. I think i was 17.
 More flash backs. I HOPE Baiden is a spitting image of Jeff!! (left pic is Jeff when he was a kid). *Right pic is another high school note book scribble session. Baiden's name has been picked out sense high school lol. I just changed the spelling. And Breealynn is where i got Braylee's name :) The other name is a secret JUST in case we have another girl ;)
 Best friends wedding day! Nikki had mirrors set up for all her besties with special notes and pearl necklaces :)! *Limo ride to the ceremony! *The photographer wanted a pic!
(cell phone pic of the SOOC image on my computer)

 Labor day Weekend! Camping!

 33 weeks! Grow baby grow! This MAY be vain (i say more proud then vain).. but im thinking that is one of the cutest baby bumps ever :) I was NOT a cute prego with Braylee lol

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