Sunday, September 16, 2012

Our Week In Cell Phone Photographs!

I feel like i had a chill week due to my lack of phone pics....
But no... i have a new camera so i forgot to take pics on my phone lol

Look what i woke up to one day! :) *This dress (now shirt) really emphasized the bump lol
 First attempt at a "waterfall braid".. FAIL lol *I love this girl's wake up calls :)
 My little dancer :)

 haha do we look like the average Utah family?? lol *Pumpkin spice latte...Mmmmm :)
 Hatch boys/Jarome Jrs! *HAPPY 1ST BIRTHDAY KAGE MAN!!!
 Aaaand, it happened. My low carrying son DROPPED. Yea, im dying. *FALL IS IN THE AIR!
 Happy birthday Dick!! (Ernest Dick lol)
 SQUEEEEEE!!!! Laynie i love you!
35 weeks!!! Cant wait to meet my baby man!
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