Saturday, September 1, 2012

My Baby Brother Is Gone For 2 Years....

Alright. Lets start my whirlwind of emotions blog posts!!

If you are not familiar with the LDS religion, then you are probably wondering why my baby brother is gone for 2 years. I dont talk about religion much on my blog, and the ONLY reason i do that, is to keep it neutral for believers and non believers. Dont worry, this isnt a religion post.. i just want to explain quick why my brother is gone... so bear with me here.

In the LDS religion, when the young men of the church turn 19 years old, they choose to put in mission papers and wait to be called to serve an LDS mission. Basically, we send these young men out to different parts of the world to teach the words of the gospel. Anyway.....................

So my baby brother in 19, and he got called to serve the Atlanta Georgia North mission.
(All photos taken by me :)

Im not even going to lie.. its been hard for me to be ok with this. Well honestly im still not ok with it lol. Does that make me look bad? Probably. But i mean come on... he's my baby brother. Im the big protective sister. I cant imagine him off on his own in another state. Technically he isnt on his own, but i just mean with out family and people he knows. I worry about what could happen to him. He has REALLY bad allergies and asthma and the weather conditions where he went makes them worse. To top it off.. right when he's flying out to Atlanta... there are freaking hurricanes in Florida.
Dont get me wrong. Im proud of him. I can already see this huge maturity change in him just from reading his emails... im just worries and sad to see him go. He wont even meet Baiden till he is 2 years old...
It just makes me sad :(
My family minus my brother that lives in New Zeland. 

hahaha i guess you can say it runs in the family..
The siblings!
Kyle with his brothers. All in laws except for Reuben (with the black hair).
Grand kids.
My baby sister and brother :)
The 3 youngest of the siblings
Kyle's friends

The rest of the pics are from the last day/night with Kyle before he left to the MTC 
(missionary training center)

i wanted a pic with Kyle before i started crying...

I'm gonna miss you baby brother!
They say 2 years goes by fast
Let's hope so...
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