Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Grandpa's Funeral..

Fred Loveridge Buhler
May 26th 1927- August 24th 2012

My Grandpa met my Grandma while he was in the army.
They were married on June 2nd 1947.

Long story short, they had 15 kids
(the youngest (twins) passed away shortly after birth). So 13 survived.

86 grand kids, 157 great grand kids, and 1 great great grand kid..
Thats a total of  233 descendants..... WOW

There really isnt much to say about the funeral,
so here is a video my cousin made and some pics that my cousins, Aunt & Uncle all took.

Fred L. Buhlers Funeral from Davey Orgill on Vimeo.

All photos taken by Rochelle (pointedigital.com)
unless otherwise specified
Photo taken by Joe Orgill ^^
All the sons...My dad is the far left and 3rd oldest

 This breaks my heart cuz my Grandparents were the biggest love birds.
Definition of true love..
 Photo taken by Joe Orgill

My in the black&white stripes with my dad..

RIP Grandpa!!
You will forever be loved and missed..
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