Tuesday, September 11, 2012


I am SOOO behind with blogging but like ive mentioned a million times... ive been SO super busy with photography (which is AMAZING). So blogging just HAS to go on the back burner!

So about 3 weeks ago we went camping! I think this was our first time busting out the tent this year. Pregnancy will slow down camping plans haha.

 I live in Utah (Mountains) so camping has always been a love of mine.
Its so nice to just GET AWAY!
No cell phone reception.. no internet... just the calming sounds of nature and rivers (we usually camp close to the river). I love the family bonding. My mom always makes amazing dutch oven meals. My dad playing the guitar. I even really like the whole sleeping in a tent thing! Call me weird.. but air mattresses are just as comfy as a normal bed. Well maybe not AS comfy.. but its comfy haha.

i LOVE taking pics of water.. and i found a new love for taking pics of fire!
Can you see the mask in the second fire pic? So cool.

Then, for Labor day, we went up one evening and enjoyed more camping/family time :)

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