Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Splash Pad Fun...

HOLY stressful morning with the internet and my computer! I got freaking spammed or something and wow! But SOME HOW, me and my techy self got it all figured out, cleaned out my computer and got it all fixed. Had to delete my last post (in case you notice its gone) but ill try to get it back up tonight!

ANYWAY.... this post is just mostly a post about our summer fun! (links at the end of this post, just click on summer fun!). I LOVE the fact that i have such an awesome group of friends that we can randomly just say "yo lets go take the kids and play in some water.. im sick of being locked up in the house". :) But for real.. i have some awesome ladies in my life :)

Brotherly love :)

hahaha those boy's swim trunks are always falling off!

Reggie is such a trouble maker lol
kicking water at Rylee
She isnt going down without a fight! lol

Dont they look like twins! Probably has A LOT to do with the fact that their dad's are twin brothers and these two are close in age haha.
Reg wanted to spot light lol
Keamyn was sad... so he got a solo lol


Love my Ry bug

Wore them out!
The kiddo's came back to play with Bray for a little bit!

We are LOVING summer!
But im not gonna lie.. i am getting so anxious and ready for FALL!!

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