Monday, August 13, 2012

Rylee Turns THREE!

If you have been following my blog sense Braylee was first born, then you'll know who Rylee is. But if you're new, let me introduce her :)
I found out i was pregnant in November 2008. Like 2 weeks later, my friend Felicia found out she was pregnant! We became really close through out our pregnancy! (My friend Bailie found out she was pregnant 2 weeks after Felicia.. keep that in mind for when i post about Preslie's bday lol).

So mommy best friends turned into baby best friends once the girls were born!

So this year Rylee turned THREE! Its so crazy how fast these girls are growing but i sure do love them to pieces and its so fun to see them grow!

Miss Rylee

Wind storm! Everybody cleaning up quick and moving inside!

Make a wish!

Love these girls :)

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