Monday, August 27, 2012

Our Week In Cellular Device Photos

This week was SUPER busy.. even though you wouldnt guess it by the lack of phone pics lol.
But thats WHY i dont have many phone pics.. i was doing photography shoots and had my big camera snapping away :)

Monday's Ultrasound! Mr Baiden :)
Instagram pics! ( @ChristaCox3) from fall last year :)
 Thursday i was informed my Grandpa had a stroke and had 48 hours to live. We got there as soon as we could to say our last good bye's. He died Friday morning around 8am. RIP Grandpa.. you will forever be loved and missed. (Ill be doing a blog post on this when i can manage it).
 My princess. She brightens my darkest days :)
 Block party on Saturday!
Rainy Sunday
8 months pregnant! 32 weeks

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