Sunday, August 19, 2012

Our Week In Cell Phone Pictures!

 30 weeks bellay! 7 1/2 months
 Going off roading last Sunday!
 Yea, that trail is CLEARLY too narrow for the truck....
 Jeff: "Thats why i buy USED trucks! To USE them" hahaha oh dear....
UGH! fml
ps... i passed :)

SO sick of being poked! Between my negative blood type and thyroid disorder... 
my vein was beat and bruised
 30 weeks 3 days!
 My first pot roast dinner! Jeff is SUCH a good daddy. 
love moments like this
 My P.I.C (partner in crime)
 Park time!
 Bray gets busted playing in brother's crib! *Out to dinner for Nesa's birthday! *Bray loves her "Mikki" and baby Kage!
 Heading up camping!! We had a blast
 31 weeks!!! SO crazy!!! 1 more week and ill be 8 months!

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