Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Just Get Away....

SORRY ive been so M.I.A!
Ive been SUPER busy with photography. ANYWAY.......

The biggest thing i LOVE about Utah... are the gorgeous mountains.
Sometimes i seriously just CRAVE going up the canyon. For no reason at all. Just to drive, maybe roast some hot dogs or marshmallows... Just to get away...

Well last week we did just that. 
Except Jeff wanted to do a little off roading lol
 Oh ya know... just sitting in a tree... while in the truck.... lol
the trail was a little narrow....

 Can you see the tints of oranges and red in the trees??

 She passed out.

 Jeff: "THATS why i buy used trucks... to USE them"
as he climbs up the four wheeler train that is clearly too narrow for his truck.. haha
Oh deary..

I love just getting out and going up the canyon!
We seriously played, drove, and explored for about 4 hours haha!

Anyway, just a random happenings post!
Tomorrow is my pregnancy update (dont want to miss some scary ish news).
Then another birthday post!! Woot woot!

That otta make up for my absence this week :)
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