Sunday, August 26, 2012

Im A Blogger...

I am who i am. Love me or leave me as i always say!

I blog. Its something i enjoy. A hobby i enjoy. Its my release. My journal. Its therapeutic. I love having a place to look back and reflect on my life. An open book if you will. And i plan to have my blog made into a real book for me to have.
 I love being creative with it, i love networking it and seeing it grow. I love getting emails of how much i helped people get through similar things they are going through. I love helping people.

But blogging has its negatives.
You are completely exposed. Vulnerable.
And you have your critics. 

If you dont like what i say or do, no one is MAKING you follow my blog and other numerous social media platforms. Now DONT get me wrong. This post isnt an angry "i got haters" post. Im not saying that at all.. And im about to explain WHY im making this post.

Ive always explained myself as "neutral". I do well with seeing both sides of things. Yes i might have an opinion one way or another, but i like to understand both sides.
In a world so black and white... im the PINK :).

I think of it as being open minded.. easy going. But one thing i find myself running into (which makes NO sense to me) is that im always upsetting someone. Im either upsetting the black side, or im upsetting the white side. 
For example, this post <--

Everyone likes people to be on their side... but i mean come on, you get upset just cuz someone has an opposing opinion? As long as it was expressed tastefully and politely, whats the big deal?

I run a family blog.

So what do you think my readers like to read? They like to read about anything pertaining to the family. Me, being a wife and mother, am going to blog about relationships, parenting, and anything moms like to do like cooking, working out, beauty tips, things i struggle with, etc. MY LIFE basically. For others to relate to, understand, enjoy, etc.

Now in blogging about my life, WHY would i blog about the amazing life of a working mom when i stay home? WHY would i blog about how beneficial formula is when i plan to breastfeed? WHY would i blog about the life of a single woman when im indeed married. Why would i blog about how amazing cloth diapers are when i dont plan to EVER use cloth diapers.
Do you get my point?
I blog about what i know, what i love, what i plan to do. Things that interest me..

I dont judge. i look at positives on both sides. I NEVER "dog" on, "dis" "put down" the opposing side (unless im talking about abuse, abortion, neglect, and things along that line). But at the same time, YES, i am voicing my opinion. I AM favoring one side. DUH.

Please point out a post where i was completely dissing the opposing side of what im talking about if there is one. Im 99% sure you wont find one.

I dont really know what im trying to get out of this post.. But basically, if something on my blog offends you.. No one is forcing you to look at it. Im done with people making me out to be something im not.

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