Thursday, August 16, 2012

Bachlorette Weekend In VEGAS!!

AH im so behind on blogging and am OCD and HAVE to go in order of events haha! If you follow me on instagram and/or twitter, you've seen some photos, and ive been promising to post about it... So here i am finally blogging about my bachlorette Vegas adventures!

Remember that post i did on Nikki's spring break birthday [found here]. Well this same amazing Nikki is getting MARRIED in like 2 weeks!! Nikki is a new friend of mine (I think February was when we started hanging out and such) and i already consider her one of my BFF'S. She is just this infectious, fun loving, amazing good hearted person who gives her all in a friendship, and im the same exact way. So of course we fell in love :)

Miss Ashley (far right) planned this amazing weekend for Nikki. I was REALLY contemplating on going because well, im SEVEN months pregnant. But i was like, there is NO WAY im missing this! This is a one time event for Nikki to have "her girls" by her side to celebrate this amazing time in her life.
Friday was a busy day.. i was doing a lot of running around, shopping, packing etc, when BAM, i started having contractions that were ever 2-3 minutes. Nothing intense. But they were regular and kinda concerned me. I was like "you've gotta be kidding me.. i am NOT missing this!!". So i called my doc, he told me to lay down, drink lots of water, and if the contractions didnt space out and stop, then to come in. I asked about Vegas, the on call doc said if they stopped, id be ok to go. 
I called Nikki worried that they'd be leaving soon and i had to wait out these contractions, but i lucked out and they werent leaving for a couple more hours. After almost 2 hours of laying down, they stopped! I was still kinda nervous to go but Jeff ensured me he was a phone call away and he'd bonzie down to get me (man i love that man! )
So i headed to Nikki's to meet up with some of the girls and we were off to Mesquite!
 Me, Cinda, Nikki, and Ashley! All ready for our road trip!

 Haha Nikki plans for her girls and their need for phone chargers!
So scary story...
We pass this BLOOD RED sunset. Thought it was so gorgeous. We are driving down the road, (probably about an hour and a half into our trip) and all the sudden everyone is screaming. I didnt know WHAT was going on but Ashley was kinda swerving, i thought maybe a tire blew and we were loosing control. Until all the sudden i saw it. There was this BIKE, BOUNCING down the freeway right at us! It was bouncing in all directions and Ashley's freaking nascar skills saved our lives! She stayed so calm and never lost control over the van. Man i would have over corrected and flipped the van or something! After we were all done pooping our pants we were like praising Ash for the next hour :)
THEN, we stopped at a gas station.. Ashley got some goodies, GUESS what her total rang up to... 6.66!!!! 

OKAYYY... contractions.. blood red sunset... almost dying... 666.......
We got nothing to be superstitious about!
BUT, we said it IS a sign, its a sign that we were going to dodge ALL obstacles and have an AMAZING weekend! hahaha!
We MIGHT have said a little group prayer ;)
No really. We did haha! Cinda is nominated as designated prayer giver from now on!
 We stopped in St George to pick up miss CARRIE who graciously had some Texas Roadhouse waiting for us! What a ham!
Hour ish later... WE MADE IT TO MESQUITE!
Felicia and Heather came out to greet us and FINALLY, the pack was complete and we could begin this amazingness!
 Our room was so nice! Ash on her "doggy bed" as she called it. FYI, those cali king beds were huge and had room for her tiny bum!
Oh and another FYI... air mattresses CURE pregnancy hip pain! Good to know in case it comes back!
 "The deck where we had amazing DEEP conversations and our love for each other grew even more :)!
 We decided at like Midnight that we wanted to go swimming! The pool was closed but once the hotel lady realized who we were... she let us in :)
 OH the funny things that happened at the pool. What happens in Mesquite Nevada pool, stays in Mesquite Nevada pool haha!

 In the morning we had an AMAZING complimentary breakfast, packed up, and we were on our way to VEGAS! [[How amazing is that packed mini van?? haha!]] We are cool.

We were such rock stars with our garters lol. We were so excited to play that we ended up running all over the strip, shopped, explored, played dress up, watched pool parties like creepers cuz we are funny, found huge drinks, mario, giant "A" horses to ride, nail girls to get in fights with, baby wine bottles to find, MANY promoters to offer us VIP at clubs (i swear it was the garters... they were promoter magnets! lol). Random dancing with the bums.....[[ oh woops... back to WHY i started this rant... ]] That we didnt even check into our hotel till way late!

 "how we gonna do this??" CALL IN REINFORCEMENTS! 
Bachlorette ruling Vegas!!!! until.......we got yelled at hahahhaha!
Nikki telling her "special" story hahaha!
"So you step into the straps like thiss....." hahahha
Its normal :) We like our reflection ok!!?

We FINALLY went to the hotel to check in. At 8:00pm, Half the girls went to the MAC store to get make up done, the other half, me included, stayed in to nap and relax before going out! I know i TRY to be a rock star.. but 7 months prego had her limits haha.
10pm rolled around and we all started getting ready for the night! How fun is it to get a bunch of girls together and get all prettied up!? SOOO fun!

Kahunaville was or designated party spot.. and BOY OH BOY did we have a blast!
We totally took control of that place and made it our beehotch! lol ;)

 Haha i got so much slack for the pic on the left when it was posted to FB... until they realized it was FAKE hahaha!

 We were up on stage majority of the night lol

 Oh just taking over the DJ station... no big :)

 Around 2am we decided to venture to a country bar and learn some line dancing!
 From there roamed the stip... swam in some fountains.. the normal stuff lol

5:00 a.m came... and we were finally in bed ready to be out of the room by 11:00am.. {FML!} haha!

We slowly made our way to Denny's for breakfast (at 1:oo in the afternoon), did some souvenirs shopping, gassed up... and got back on the road to head back to Utah!
 Putting the appropriate amount of air in the tires for our trip home like ROCK STARS! :)

 AFTER Nikki was an amazing fiance and got the future hubs some poppeys! lol
hahahhaha poor Ashley!!

This trip was AMAZING to say the least.
We had such a blast and all girls (especially wives and moms) need their girls time :)

Its going to be amazing :)
We are so happy for you!!
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