Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Thought I Lost My Baby....

So here is the post ive been meaning to post about our scary weekend!
So on Sunday, June 24th, i had a really chill day (after a stressful busy weekend). I did a bridal shoot in the evening which went perfect! Then i came home and relaxed with my husband and watched a movie! He had the following day off work so it was really nice. Just an all around great day.


Later that night, marital activies were happening (sorry i have to explain that part). I stood up, it was dark, and something didnt feel right. I felt REALLY wet, like something was running down my legs. I told Jeff to turn on the light to make sure it wasnt blood... when the lights came on, it was like a murder scene. Blood was running out of me and my hand was POOLED with blood. I started shaking and i think the first thing that came out of my mouth was "Noooooo". I went to the toilet and blood was literally STREAMING out of me. Not kinda drizzling... STREAMING. Jeff called 911. I was shaking and bawling hysterically and all i could say was "No". I was so certain that i was loosing my son. I think from there i went into shock. Its all kind of a daze. Jeff was on the phone with 911 for a good 2 minutes and that entire time blood was streaming out of me. 
Then dispatch had jeff lay me on the floor. I think that's when the bleeding stopped. I didnt know what was going on but i guess Jeff was instructed to look for a head (like maybe i was delivering). How scary that moment had to have been for Jeff im not sure, but i can only imagine.
The ambulance came, i was started on an I.V. I could hardly walk i was so dizzy and out of it. Jeff took Braylee to my sister who lives 5 minutes away, and when i got to the hospital, Jeff was already there and ran to my side. I dont know what i would have done with out him!
 When we got to labor and delivery, so many things were running through my head.
Was i about to meet my lifeless son? Was i going to have to deliver my baby only to say good bye to him? Was there any glimmer of hope that if i had to deliver him that he would be able to survive?

But then the unexpected happened..
They hooked me up to the little monitor machine... and instantly... found a strong, healthy heartbeat.
I really wasnt expecting that.
I kept doubting what was happening, expecting things to turn for the worse. But the more time that went by and baby was perfect, the more i relaxed and got this overwhelming feeling that everything was going to be ok. It also helped to have my amazing husband keeping me positive and holding my hand :)

 We stayed in the hospital all night while they monitored Baiden and did some blood work on me to try to figure out what happened. In the morning we were told me needed an ultrasound before we could get any decisions of what happened and why. We had to wait for an opening and pretty much waited all day.

One POSSIBILITY of my bleeding was that im RH- and Jeff is RH+. Basically when the mom's blood type is negative and the father's is positive, if the baby has positive blood type, the mom's body will see the baby as a disease or sickness and will try to fight it off. Not always, but it can. 
Thats why ive had miscarriages in the past. BUT they have a shot called Rhogam, so if you start bleeding, you get a Rhogam shot and your body should stop fighting off baby. So while waiting for the ultrasound, i got my Rhogam shot. 
 Braylee came to visit :)
 We finally got in for the ultrasound and it went amazing. 
The specialist was impressed at how great Baiden was growing and perfectly developing.
They mostly were wanting to check my placenta and cervix to see if there was any obvious signs of why i was bleeding like placenta previa (placenta covers the cervix, which is not good) , or a placental abruption (placenta pulls away from the uterin wall.. very bad). BUT my placenta was very healthy and close to my cervix but not covering it at all! Then they checked to make sure my cervix wasnt dialated etc and that too was great!
To be on the safe side, the specialist ordered some steriod shots IN CASE this happened again. Also any time with heavy bleeding, it puts you at risk for pre-term labor. Although my cervix looked great and didnt show any signs to point to preterm labor, she just wanted to be safe.
 Even though everything was looking good, my doctor wanted me to stay another night at the hospital due to the amount of blood i had lost. Just to be cautious and monitor baby and all that jazz.
So Jeff went and got Braylee and things we'd need, we ate hobo dinners at the hospital (yes i know, we are awesome) and had a sleepover! Braylee did so good.
 Later that night (yes the time on the clock is correct..11:30om haha) 2 of my amazing friends came to bring me cookies, flowers, and many laughs! They seriously know how to brighten my day! It meant so so much to me that they came to support, show love, and comfort me with SUCH a scary incident! Love you Nikki and Felicia!
 In the morning i got a little worried when i started having little contractions (blue line) and baby's heart started to take some dips (red line). His normal heart rate is 145 ish and it kept dipping to like 89 ish. But the nurses kept assuring me it was ok and normal for a 23 weeks baby who is still small and moves around a lot. 
Out of all the many possibilities of why i might have bled, the only one that kinda made the most sense of why i bled was the sex. The cervix is very vascular. BUT the amount of blood just didnt add up. But thats what the docs went with haha. 
We were released a 12:40pm on Tuesday and BOY was i glad to be out of there!
(i love finding notes on my car from my friends :)
My release terms was a few days of bedrest.. followed by 2 weeks of NO exercise, no sex, nothing that raises my heart rate too much. I cant be in the heat for too long, and the list goes on. I cant even have a full bladder lol. Then in 2 weeks i have a doc appt and we will re-evaluate.
We had to go BACK to the hospital at 5pm for my last steroid shot and all i can say is that BEST be the last time i have to go to the hospital till OCTOBER! 
You hear that Baiden?? OCTOBER! :)
October 1st i will be 37 weeks.. thats the soonest that ill be ok to deliver him :)

Mommy and Daddy love you so much my beautiful, strong, amazing son!
Yes we are anxious to meet you, but seriously, we CAN and WILL wait till October :)
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