Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Tattooed People Who Drink And Swear...

Wanna know why i love tattooed people who drink and swear??
Because tattooed people dont judge people who arent tattooed.
People who drink dont judge people who DONT drink.
And people who swear dont sit there and complain about people who dont...

You KNOW its true!

Yes it doesnt apply to EVERYONE. There are some people who dont do any of the above, and dont judge those who do. Lets not get all technical and nit pick it. THE POINT is that i tend to flock toward those who dont judge, are fun, and are easy going.

What makes you so superior then someone else because you dont choose to do what they do. Just like with the whole "gay rights" debate. Yea, YOU arent gay.. you love someone of the opposite sex, but why does someone else have to love someone of the opposite sex just because you do?
ESPECIALLY... why does someone have to listen to your hate and have YOUR opinions shoved down their throat?

I dont drink. Im not saying i never have, im not saying i never will, what i AM saying is that its just not my thing. Yes im pregnant right now and have no choice in the matter, but even if i wasnt pregnant, im usually always the sober one. But GUESS WHAT... I dont judge those who do. And actually, im around people who drink quite often!

I have tattoos, but if i could take them back i would. (I was 18 lol). But in the same aspect, i LOVE tattoos. They are so beautiful and interesting. Its a form of art... i think they make a body beautiful (if done right). Will i get more? Probably not.. Do i regret mine? Yes. But that doesnt mean i cant appreciate others of just SHUT MY MOUTH about it.. Seriously people.

THE POINT behind this post is why cant we all just be easy going and except everyone regardless! Of course it makes sense that people that choose to be different will get along and accept others who choose to be different.. but you NEVER hear them complaining about those who choose to be "normal" or "refined". Honestly, when do you hear of a tattooed person make a huge debate over those who keep their bodies ink free? When do you see someone who enjoys and partakes in drinking sit there and tear those down who choose a sober life? It just DOESN'T happen.

Dont we all want an easy going life? Dont we all want to just be HAPPY and get a long with everyone? We are all different in our own ways.. we need to learn to accept ALL differences :)
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