Monday, July 30, 2012

"Spring Break" Themed Birthday Bash!

OH, my goodness. This girl.
So i have this friend, named Nikki. Nikki Hatch (well soon to be Hatch). ANYWAY. Nikki is this GLOWING ball of sunshine! She always has the biggest smile on her face, the warmest presence, a true good hearted person who makes everyone happy! Always full of hugs and laughs and positive things to say! So easy going and just an amazing person. She knows just what to say, she is always there for you, she's always got your back, always has a shoulder for you to lean on, an ear to listen, and never judges you.

 Sense the day i first hung out with her, ive always looked up to her as a role model in being an AMAZING mother, Auntie, soon to be wife (but pretty much already is after what.. 5 years?? lol), business women and promoter/supporter of her man's MMA stuff, AWESOME friend, wedding planner, chef, party planner/hostess, YOU NAME IT! This women is a rock star and SOME HOW does it all!
She's been my knight(tress?) and shining armor through this pregnancy and always keeps me on my toes with being the best person i can be :) I could go ON and ON!! (and i KINDA did) :)

So when i say that Nikki is truly loved by MANY, it should be no surprise now that ive given her intro :)

Nikki is a FUN person and goes all out for her birthday! This year her birthday party was themed "spring break". And boy oh boy... it was a blast!
presents pile!

 Singing happy birthday!

Nikki and her cute kids, Rylee, Kage, and Keamyn!

 Table full of love for Nikki!
Jarome and Nikki handing out raffle tickets for the dunk tank!
Dont you just want to pick her up and squeeze her!? Just me?? Anyway.... lol
 Birthday girl was nominated first to go in! hahahaha LOVE her

 hahahahaha no words.
 Nikki wasnt ready for this one but i HAVE to post it hahaha. I love my friends.
Me and birthday girl!!!

 Yes that would be my husband in a mankini haha!
 Jarome lucked out!
Steve cheated!

Things got way too busy and fun and the camera got put away but it was such a fun night hanging out with good friends, good food, and just had a really good time celebrating a really amazing girl :)

Happy 23rd (ish) birthday Nikki :)!
I hope you are FULLY aware of how amazing you are :)
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