Sunday, July 29, 2012

Our Week In Cell Pics!

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hahahaha LOVE her. She is such too fun
Nikki girls "spring break" birthday party! *Yes, that is the hubs in a bikini top :)
Its amazing how fast you loose your muscle tone! *word.
 Bray at the carnival! She was SOOO giddy

 Road trip! *Utah=beauty! *Keamyn and Braylee on a lunch date lol
 Flashback Friday! Bray was so ity bity! Crazy to think im gonna have one of these tiny things in 2 months!
 Saturday morning at the Cox home! haha! *Bowling that night for one of Braylee's best friends birthday!
 27 week belly (laying down) Getting big! *So THATS why the inside of my belly button looks like! lol
LONG day today! Brother had his farewell. You REALLY appreciate luxuries like A/C in the car when it stops working... HOT!
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